18 August 2006

Are you sitting comfortably? (Part 3)

Hopefully this will be the third and final part. Enjoy.

In Argentina we drank coffee with the bohemians and artisans in the Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires,

stayed at possibly the most luxurious hostel in the world at Puerto Iguazu,

visited the magnificent Iguazu Falls,

got acquainted with a Gigantosaurus in Cordoba,

visited the bodegas in Mendoza,

learnt the delights of Dulce de Leche,

and returned to Buenos Aires for a trip round the colourful and football-fanatical area of La Boca.

In Uruguay we visited the delightful town of Colonia del Sacramento.

Finally we reached Brazil, where we supped on Caipirinhas,

visited the Rocinha favela,

met a rather clever toucan,

and added our graffitti to the walls of "Walk on the Beach".

Well, that's it. We hope you've had as much fun reading our blog as we've had having our adventure to create it.

Thanks for reading.

Dave and Kat

Are you sitting comfortably? (Part 2)

Right, where were we? Oh yes, New Zealand.

We did some jet boating through the Shotover Canyon near Queenstown,

tramped our way through Mt. Aspiring National Park,

trekked across the Fox Glacier,

found the local marine life in Kaikoura,

cycled (or should that be wobbled?) our way round the Marlborough wineries,

visited the national Marae in Wellington,

got art-decoed out in Napier,

visited the country's largest lake in Taupo,

came over all Maori in Rotorua,

trekked across a rather snow-covered Mordor on the Tongariro Crossing,

went underground at the Waitomo Caves,

dropped in on some of Dave's relations in Hamilton,

crossed some rather wobbly bridges on our way to the Pinnacles,

stopped off for a bit of tree hugging in the Kauri Forest,

tried our hands at sand-sledging on our way up to Cape Reinga,

admired some more Maori carvings at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds in the Bay of Islands,

and said hello to Sparky, the one-legged kiwi, at the Native Bird Recovery Centre in Whangarei.

In Chile, we had a brief stop in Santiago.

Next up was Peru, where Dave wasted no time in trying the local brew (La cerveza Cristal es la cerveza del Peru).

Then we ventured into the desert near Huacachina,

explored the mammoth and highly photogenic Santa Catalina Monestery in Arequipa,

climbed in and out of the massive Colca Canyon,

partied with the festival goers in Cuzco,

slogged our way along the unforgettable Inca Trail...

...to Machu Picchu,

were entertained in traditional fashion in Puno,

tried out the floating life on the Uros Islands,

got a taste for the local cuisine on Isla Amantani,

and got a view of the quieter side of life on Isla Taquile.

In Bolivia we watched the sun set over Lake Titicaca,

and took some time out on Isla del Sol.

Right then, this entry seems to be getting quite big as well, so we'll have to make a part 3.


Dave and Kat

Are you sitting comfortably? (Part 1)

Well, we've now been home over two weeks so I thought it was about time for a bit of a look back on our seven month trip with a few photo highlights.

Thailand gave us Bangkok's amazing temples,

lush beach-side accomodation on Ko Samui,

and the fantastic beaches of Ko Lanta and it's surrounding islands.

In Malaysia we saw the vast expanse of the tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands,

tried our hands at blow-pipe shooting,

trekked through the amazing Taman Nagara rainforest,

saw some mighty big towers,

and climbed a mighty big mountain.

In Singapore we had some Singapore Slings (what else?).

In Australia we fed some hungry fish in Darwin,

did a spot of sailing round the beautiful Whitsunday Islands,

took in some local "culture" in Cairns,

met the locals in Brisbane,

admired the sights on the amazing Fraser Island,

braved the rain and did some surfing in Byron Bay,

found some real culture at the Sydney Opera House,

hiked through the stunning Blue Mountains,

took some time to reflect at the National War Memorial in Canberra,

met some stars in Melbourne,

and walked through the lonely hills of Tasmania.

Next came New Zealand. We found some much needed home comforts in Christchurch,

did our first bit of "tramping" around the pristine Lake Tekapo,

visited the awe-inspiring Aoraki/Mt. Cook,

found some interesting road signs,

and found some local wildlife near Dunedin.

Now, we appear to have reached the limit for the number of photos on one post, so there will be more to come shortly.

Bye for now,

Dave and Kat